SSKM volunteers detained at Tuaran police station


They were reportedly picked up at the tamu (fair) grounds for distributing petitions for signatures.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Several volunteers of Sabah Sarawak Keluar Malaysia (SSKM) were reportedly arrested and detained at the Tuaran Police Station moments ago, according to reports which have gone viral in social media, especially WhatsApp and Facebook which has pictures uploaded.

Apparently, they were picked up at the tamu (fair) grounds while handing out petitions for signatures.

There appeared to be some kind of stand-off outside the gates of the police station, according to these reports, “and riot police have been mobilised to block the entrance”.

Sabah Progressive Party President Yong Teck Lee and Tamparuli Assemblyman Wilfred Bumburing, along with SSKM supporters and members of the public, were seen milling outside the gate.

The two leaders apparently wanted to enter the police station to try and intervene on behalf of those detained.