PasMa to Hadi: Sack us if you don’t like us


An official of the NGO says its members won’t quit PAS.

(Free Malaysia Today) – A PasMa official has pledged that the NGO will always be part of PAS unless the party kicks it out.

Che Ibrahim Mohamed, vice-president of the Kelantan chapter of PasMa, said he knew of no member of the NGO who was intending to leave PAS. “This is because we struggle for PAS,” Sinar Harian quoted him as saying.

If PAS didn’t want PasMa to be part of it, he added, then it would have to sack party members who are in the NGO.

Che Ibrahim was reacting to PAS President Hadi Awang’s statement that PasMa should leave the party if it couldn’t agree with the way it was being run.

He said Hadi appeared to be confused about PasMa’s role in PAS, adding that it was not uncommon for political parties anywhere in the world to have NGOs within them.