Lim Guan Eng ‘hasty’ to say Kelantan failed to tackle floods, says PAS MP


(Malay Mail Online) – A PAS MP today chastised Lim Guan Eng for declaring that the PAS government failed Kelantan during the recent floods, saying the DAP secretary-general should have sought the state government’s explanation first.

Shah Alam MP Khalid Abdul Samad reminded the Lim that Kelantan was unprepared for the unprecedented floods, and had lacked helicopters and boats to mount a flood relief mission.

“I would like to remind him that it is unreasonable and unfair to punish the effectiveness of the Kelantan state government without listening to its explanation,” the PAS central working committee member said in a press conference.

Khalid said the helicopters and boats were all owned by the federal government through the army and police, rather than the state government.

“Lim’s conclusion was premature, he must hear the explanation of Kelantan before saying the state government completely failed,” he added.

Lim reportedly said in Sin Chew Daily this week that the PAS state government had failed in its responsibilities to Kelantan folk during the recent flood crisis.

The Bagan MP was quoted as saying that despite PAS leaders’ clean image, they should not govern Kelantan if they could not adequately look out for its people.

The recent floods that swept Kelantan among other states, was the worst in recent decades, displacing over 200,000 Malaysians nationwide from their homes.