Democracy a means to theocracy, says youth leader

Ibrahim Hassan

Pembina chief defends EC against allegations of gerrymandering.

Amin Khairuddin, Free Malaysia Today

Democracy is good only if it paves the way for the establishment of an Islamic state, according to Ibrahim Hassan, the president of the National Association of Muslim Youths (Pembina).

In a statement defending the Election Commission against a Bersih 2.0 attack, he claimed that Islam regarded democracy as merely a tool for the achievement of an Islamic theocracy.

He took exception to an allegation by Bersih steering committee member Wong Chin Huat that the EC was gerrymandering electoral boundaries to ensure that the Malays are not defeated in “their own land”.

Ibrahim said Bersih had been consistent in trying to smear the EC’s name.

He said Wong was merely making assumptions instead of presenting facts to back his claim.

He referred to Wong’s allegation that an EC official had, behind closed doors, said, “The Malay-Muslims would fall in their own land if we were to practise honest democracy.”

“If that statement is true, then the Malays must reject democracy because it threatens their position and profits other races,” Ibrahim said.