All of PAS against local polls, says Haron


He claims that PAS ulamas share Hadi’s fear of another May 13.

Amin Khairuddin, Free Malaysia Today

The entire PAS membership is against local government elections, the party’s Deputy Spiritual Leader, Haron Din, has claimed, according to Utusan Malaysia.

Utusan, in a report published today, did not say whether Haron cited any resolution taken at any PAS convention.

It quotes Haron as saying that PAS’ ulama leadership believes there is some basis to party president Abdul Hadi Awang’s worry that local elections could cause a repeat of the May 1969 race riots.

Local government elections are a cause that is dear to DAP, one of PAS’ Pakatan Rakyat partners. News reports yesterday quoted Hadi as saying that local polls would widen the social divide and create instability because the beneficiaries would be urban dwellers, the majority of whom are Chinese.

Utusan said Haron urged DAP to stop being stubborn in insisting on local polls because they would not contribute to political harmony and could in fact bring dire consequences to the country.

“Any issue that causes unrest would invite painful consequences sooner or later,” he reportedly said.