Time to revisit DPM’s call for early Umno polls


It will end the debate about Najib’s suitability for leadership, says analyst.

(Free Malaysia Today) – It’s time to resurrect Muhyiddin Yassin’s call for Umno to hold its elections before the next general election, an analyst of Umno politics has suggested.

In his latest blog entry, Shahbudin Husin says the Umno Deputy President’s call, which he made at the party’s general assemby last year, has become more relevant in recent weeks as grumblings against Najib Abdul Razak’s leadership become increasingly audible.

He notes that the mainstream media virtually ignored Muhyiddin’s dramatic statement at the assembly and that none of the delegates referred to it in their speeches. He quotes the Deputy Prime Minister: “We don’t have a lot of time to wait for change to happen. If change does not happen, we have to engineer the change. Therefore, I believe it is appropriate for us to consider having the party elections according to the dictate of the Umno constitution and not wait until after the general election.”

He says many in Umno are worried that Najib’s alleged weaknesses would cause Umno’s and BN’s loss in the next general election.

He attributes this lack of confidence in Najib’s leadership to the Prime Minister’s refusal to make changes in himself despite often talking about the need for change.

“Nothing has changed, whether in his administration of Umno and the government, or in his response to racial and religious tension, or in his handling of crises or issues related to the roles played by his wife, officials and advisers,” says Shahbudin.