DAP not instigating repeat of ‘May 13’, Ng Tien Chee tells PAS

Ng Tien Chee

(The Star) – The move to restore local council elections in Penang is intended to revive the right of democracy and not to instigate a repeat of the May 13 riots, according to a Selangor DAP committee member.

Balakong state assemblymen Ng Tien Chee said in a statement on Friday that local council elections are essential to return the right of democracy to the rakyat.

“I do not see any elements which would widen the gap of economic domination between the population in the urban and rural areas.

“Neither will it trigger a repetition of the May 13 riot as alleged by PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang,” he said in response to Hadi’s statement over the issue.

“I am surprised on what has been said and request for some light to be shed on the issue, and on how exactly it would widen the gap of economic domination between the rural and urban population, in turn causing a racial riot,” Ng said.

He added that DAP’s insistence on restoring the elections is fair and the only way to improve the quality and the efficiency of local councils.

“By doing so, the local government can improve themselves and commit to their responsibility to taxpayers,” Ng said, adding that the state government could grant the authority to the Election Commission to hold the elections following section 113(4) of the Federal Constitution.