Will Anwar kiss and make up with Najib?


(FMT) – Will Anwar and Najib kiss and make up? One analyst thinks we might see this happening soon.

Shahbudin Husin, in a blog posting commenting on the favourable coverage the Opposition Leader has lately been getting in the pro-Najib media, even speculates that PKR might abandon Pakatan Rakyat and join hands with Umno. He paints Anwar in an uncomplimentary light, which he has rarely done.

He says Najib needs the support of someone as popular as Anwar to help him keep his hold on power – which is getting more tenous every day – and Anwar needs Najib to escape prison for alleged sodomy.

He observes that Anwar’s long-time enemies – Mahathir Mohamad and Daim Zainuddin – have now become Najib’s enemies and this is why they may have come together.

“It’s known that Anwar still longs for power,” he writes. “If Najib is willing to share power with him and ensure that he does not go to prison, it’s not a big problem for Anwar to return the favour with his support.

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