Time to end Najib-Rosmah rule, Umno leaders told

Shahbudin Husin

Only divisional leaders are still defending the PM, says blogger Shahbudin.

Amin Khairuddin, Free Malaysia Today

Disaffection with Najib Abdul Razak’s leadership has spread so widely within Umno itself that the time is right for the party’s leaders to call for his resignation, former Federal Territory Umno official Shahbudin Husin says in his latest blog entry.

“In reality,” he writes, “only the 191 divisional heads – and not all of them at that – are still determined to defend Najib. Everywhere, leaders at other levels are openly saying that Umno’s future would brighten if he is replaced by another leader.”

Apart from complaints about Najib’s handling of the economy, he says, the negative talk also revolves around the alleged meddling of his wife, Rosmah Mansor, in his administration to the extent that the government is being derisively referred to as the “Najib-Rosmah” government.

“The time has come for Umno leaders to courageously speak up, to honestly tell Najib that party members at the grassroots and, in fact, members of the general public are becoming increasingly vocal in rejecting his government. The voice is getting louder every day.”