PAS Youth threatens protest against France if Charlie Hebdo not punished

Suhaizan Kaiat

(Malay Mail Online) – PAS Youth today demanded France censure satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo for its cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, vowing to protest against the European nation if it continues its “leniency” towards the magazine that was attacked by Islamist gunmen.

After delivering a memorandum to the French Embassy here today, PAS Youth chief Suhaizan Kaiat (pic) expressed disappointment at the French government’s defence of the magazine.

“While I do not condone the killing of the staff in Charlie Hebdo, I think the (French) government should not defend a publication that depicts the Prophet in caricatures,” Suhaizan said.

“We do not think they should allow such gross caricatures that go against Islamic teachings and practices.”

In the memorandum, PAS Youth demanded that France issue a statement condemning Charlie Hebdo, and to hold religious dialogues to dispel misunderstandings among the Muslims and non-Muslims in the country.

PAS Youth’s international bureau chief Dr Raja Ahmad Iskandar said that the French government should acknowledge the Muslim communities’ feelings towards the caricatures of the Prophet in the satirical magazine.

If the French government does not heed their demands, PAS Youth said it will organise a protest and invite others including Barisan Nasional parties and non-governmental organisations (NGO) to join.

Twelve editorial staff members from Charlie Hebdo were killed in a massacre on January 7 when Islamist gunmen stormed the magazine’s office in Paris to protest its publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

Altogether 20 people including the three gunmen in the attack and subsequent sieges in Paris.