PAS man says wants to meet Sirul to discuss Altantuya murder motive

(Malay Mail Online) – A PAS leader today urged former police commando Sirul Azhar Umar to contact him and explain his motive in killing Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu.

The party information chief said that he would like to meet Sirul, who was recently sentenced to hang for his crime, claiming the former cop’s mother had admitted that her son had merely been following orders when he killed Altantuya.

“I do not challenge the court’s decision but I heard the mother said her son admitted to following orders to kill Altantuya,” Mahfuz told a press conference at the PAS headquarters.

“But what are the motives in killing Altantuya? Why did the court not reveal it?”

Mahfuz added that he did not see how Sirul or Azilah Hadri, his convicted accomplice, would have any personal reason to kill the Mongolian translator.

“You (Sirul) can contact me at 019-4422685 through Whatsapp or Facebook or email me at [email protected],” Mahfuz said.

“We meet at any country so I can get explanation with my lawyer as to what happened in this case till his mother claimed that he admitted to following orders for the murder.”

When his guilty verdict and death sentence were being delivered in court last Tuesday, Sirul was a no-show. It was later revealed that the former police commando was in Australia and was unable to return due to a lack of funds.

On Thursday,  Australian paper Sydney Morning Herald reported an unnamed Australian Attorney-General’s Department spokesman as saying that Australia’s extradition legislation prohibited someone from being sent back to another country for an offence punishable by death, unless that country pledged not to carry out a death sentence.

In response, Malaysia said on Sunday that it will file for an extradition order from the Australian court if its government refuses to hand Sirul over.

In Malaysia, a mandatory death sentence is imposed for murder and drug trafficking offences, while Australia opposes capital punishment.