Football fans just as fanatical as some Muslims


Try insulting a Briton’s favourite team and see what happens.

(Free malaysia Today) – Some Britons react just as violently as some Muslims do to insults to their religion, which is football, according to blogger-in-exile Raja Petra Kamarudin.

In an entry for his “No Holds Barred” column, Raja Petra attempts to explain why Muslims are more sensitive to insults to their religion than are believers in other religions. He says it is because they remain more faithful to God compared to their fellow Abrahamists, the Christians and Jews.

He says today’s Judeo-Christian communities no longer take the commandment against “taking the Lord’s name in vain” seriously and that’s why they can’t understand why “Muslims go ballistic when they perceive their religion or their Prophet as being mocked or insulted”.

“In fact,” he writes, “football is more a religion to the British than Christianity is. They are more sensitive about insults to their football team than insults to Christianity. You can say ‘Jesus f****** Christ’ in a Manchester pub and nothing will happen to you. But try saying ‘F*** MU’ or ‘F*** Man City’ and see what happens.

“Even walking into a Manchester pub wearing a Liverpool T-shirt is asking for trouble, especially on Friday or Saturday night, when everyone is pissed drunk.

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