Clock ticking for MIC, but president out of country again


(MMO) – MIC has less than two weeks to re-elect in six branches and yet no decision has been made by the party on the next course of action.

A party source said MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel was performing his pilgrimage in India and would only return next week.

Palanivel is also known to be absent during difficult times. He flew off to Paris during the Cameron Highlands landslide tragedy when the Sultan of Pahang visited Bertam Valley and he was also absent when the party crisis began early last month — as he went off to Peru to attend the Lima Climate Change Conference by the United Nations.

Party vice-president Datuk M. Saravanan said the matter would get out of control if Palanivel did not take immediate action to resolve party issues.

“I am angry there is no action taken and he (Palanivel) cannot keep playing hide and seek,” he said. “I can only remind of what needs to be done… there are limits for a party member to be patient over this.”

Saravanan said the party should call for a briefing to inform members of the party’s fate.

“As of now, we have yet to discuss this matter together.”

Former MIC’s central working committee member, Datuk R. Ramanan, stood by his claims that the party president intended to have MIC deregistered as no initiative was taken to hold re-elections.

“My point is simple and it is evident that Palanivel plans to have the party de-registered,” he said. “Until today, nothing has been done and he is not even in the country to resolve this.”

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