Kelantan hudud move ‘only if Pakatan agrees’


All parties must agree on draft Bill before it goes to state assembly, says Pakatan leader.

James Sivalingam, Free Malaysia Today

All component parties of Pakatan Rakyat must consent to Kelantan’s proposed law to implement hudud criminal punishment before it can be enacted, Anwar Ibrahim said today.

Speaking to reporters after a Meet Anwar event here, the Pakatan chief said leaders of all three parties were awaiting a suitable date to meet and go over the details of the law.

“Due to the floods in Kelantan last month, we had to move the dates. Hopefully at the end of this month or early next month.”

The hudud issue has divided Pakatan partners PAS and the DAP, which administers the Penang state government. The DAP has maintained a strong stance against hudud being implemented as being against the Constitution and a possible threat to non-Muslim civil rights.

PAS has maintained that hudud as part of Syaria law, would only affect Muslims. Kelantan intends to move a private member’s bill in Parliament to enable a change in the state constitution enabling hudud punishments which in severe case would include amputation of limbs.