Liberal ideas don’t kill – extremism does


Former law minister says fanaticism and Islamic State more serious than K-pop concerts.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim, saying that “liberal ideas don’t kill”, has urged the government to give serious attention to the growing threat of Islamic State ideology rather than pop concerts and the spread of liberalism.

There was a need to be “doubly vigilant” of the new threat which was “couched in religious doctrine and pretends to be a holy endeavour”.

His remarks come in the wake of reports about Malaysians involved with Islamic State militants and the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

He also urged the government to engage in a non-threatening way with Muslims and non-Muslims alike in a discourse about Islam and to accept the voices of dissent with no penalty.

“Liberal ideas might be immoral, inconvenient and decadent [but] they do not kill,” Zaid said, contrasting it to “the extremism that justifies murder”.

Zaid’s remarks came in the wake of the arrest of civil liberties lawyer Eric Paulsen under the Sedition Act after a cheeky tweet that said the Islamic affairs department Jakim should be investigated for encouraging extremism.

Religious leaders and the public have also been engaged in controversy over a video of Muslim girls in tudung being seen hugging Korean pop stars , and Islamic authorities have also raised a clamour about the spread of secularism and liberalism, warning Muslims against such ideas.