1MDB: Pua ready to hear facts ‘from the horses mouth’


(FMT) – The DAP National Publicity Secretary has made a suggestion to new 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) CEO, Arul Kandasamy that testifying to the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) would be the best way “to prove that the company has nothing to hide” and to ensure that its investment decisions were not being politicised by “certain individuals” as previously alleged.

In a statement, Tony Pua said, “Regardless of whether it is a private dialogue, or a meeting with the PAC, I am very much looking forward to hearing honest and straight answers from the horse’s mouth soon.”

Pua said this in reference to Arul’s earlier statement that “public scrutiny” of 1MDB was a “good thing” and that he was ready to “engage” with those seeking clarification on 1MDB’s management of funds.

Pua also explained, “The PAC comprises of seven Barisan Nasional and five Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives which cannot be accused of political bias against 1MDB.”

The MP for Petaling Jaya Utara also said that should Arul take up the offer, there were two things he wanted clarification on, the first being the definition of the CEO’s announcement that 1MDB had “redeemed” the balance of its Cayman Islands investment.

Requesting Arul be more specific, Pua asked if by “redeemed”, the CEO actually meant “received”.

Pua added, “Arul should also confirm the actual amount received in cash by the company,” explaining that this information would help lift the veil of secrecy surrounding 1MDB over the past five years.

Saying, “Surely it cannot be so difficult to answer the simple query above?”, Pua added, “Surely there is no better way for 1MDB to engage in the most ‘responsible manner’ sought by Arul.”

Pua reminded Arul that apart from opposition leaders who were clamouring for answers, even former premier Mahathir Mohamad had repeatedly asked for more specifics regarding 1MDB’s dealings because information was not forthcoming.

Acknowledging Arul’s stand that 1MDB was not interested to shame anyone who asked questions about the company, Pua said, “What is more important however, is that the critical questions are publicly answered such that Malaysians are properly informed of the state of affairs in 1MDB.”