Zahid thinks Malaysians are fools like the Cabinet!


Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak must step in to clean up the mess created by Zahid’s infamous letter to the FBI.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi must not take Malaysia as a nation of fools even if the Cabinet is made up of fools obediently accepting his outrageous take about his infamous letter to the FBI.

“Zahid is being very brazen and blatant in demanding that everybody act as gullible fools to accept his version that his infamous letter to the FBI was merely intended to clarify that Paul Phua was not a member of the 14K triad “in Malaysia” and nothing more,” said DAP elder statesman Lim Kit Siang in a statement.

Zahid claimed on Wednesday, noted Lim, that the Cabinet at its weekly meeting was ‘satisfied with his explanation on the matter’.

“I do not believe that our Cabinet Ministers suffer from comprehension problems either or they will not have risen to their present pinnacle of political power in government,” said Lim who is also DAP Parliamentary Leader and Gelang Patah MP.

“For reasons best known to them, they prefer to appear to be gullible fools but this is no compliment on their political purpose and integrity that they could be cowed into obediently accepting Zahid’s outrageous explanation on his infamous letter to the FBI, knowing in their heart of hearts that Zahid was not speaking the truth.”

Are there Ministers who really believe that Zahid’s infamous letter to the FBI was nothing more than clarifying that Phua was not a member of the 14K triad “in Malaysia” and are prepared to step forward and identity themselves one by one?

“I doubt there will be a single Cabinet Minister who will be prepared to state openly and publicly that he or she truly believes that Zahid’s infamous letter was just to clarify that Phua was not a member of the 14K triad “in Malaysia”,” said Lim. “although collectively they have been cowed into accepting Zahid’s claim or at least not to puncture the balloon in public that his explanation had been accepted by the Cabinet!”

“I do not believe that Zahid suffers from comprehension problems either that he could not understand that his letter was not merely intended to clarify that Paul Phua, the alleged gambling kingpin standing trial for illegal gambling in Las Vegas, Nevada was not a member of the 14K triad “in Malaysia”.”

Lim asked whether the following statements would be regarded by the FBI as superfluous, empty and meaningless verbiage and not meant to influence the FBI’s handling of Phua’s case:

Phua helped the Malaysian government in “projects affecting our national security”;

“We continue to call upon him to assist us from time to time as such, we are eager for him to return to Malaysia”;

Phua’s release would impact on furthering “good international relations between our two countries, especially in the exchange of information”.