Will police give 1MDB same urgency as Paulsen’s tweet?


Tony Pua wants to know if the police will act as swiftly on the police report lodged against 1MDB as they did with Eric Paulsen’s tweet about Jakim.

(Free Malaysia Today) – DAP National Publicity Secretary Tony Pua has issued a statement asking the Royal Malaysian Police if they will act as swiftly on the police report lodged against 1Malaysia Development Berhad as they have on Eric Paulsen’s recent tweet about Jakim and Friday sermons at mosques.

The MP for Petaling Jaya Utara said, “After all, it has been exactly five weeks since the police report was filed, hence surely, the police must be able to report that statements have been taken from the management and/or directors of 1MDB?”

Pua was referring to the police report lodged against the company by UMNO Batu Kawan Vice Chairman Khairuddin Abu Hassan on December 12, 2014, calling for a “detailed and comprehensive” investigation into the “weaknesses in 1MDB’s management of taxpayers’ funds”.

Yesterday, Khairuddin lodged another report against 1MDB, this time with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.