K-Pop fan says Khairy’s tweet was extreme, racist


K-Pop fans speak out over the “molestation” allegations, saying too many people, including Jakim, are going overboard with their reactions.

Showing no signs of letting up, the controversy over what has been alleged as “molestation” of three tudung-wearing Muslim girls by K-Pop band B1A4 took a different turn when several K-Pop fans defended their idols, saying many parties were letting their outrage get the better of them.

According to the Malaysian Insider, one Sabahan fan, referring to herself as Siti singled out Minister of Youth and Sports Khairy Jamaluddin, saying his tweet on the band members being pale, skinny and pretty was extreme, even racist.

“They did not ask to be pale and skinny…”, she said, explaining they were just born that way and adding that it wasn’t so much the boys that fans liked, but the music itself.

“For me, it just a music genre that people listen too, others listen (to) R&B, pop, for us, we like K-pop.”

Siti also said the extreme reactions to the hugging that took place on stage, smacked of double standards, especially in regard to the outrage expressed by local religious authorities.

“For me, what had happened was wrong… what they (Malay girls) did was wrong… but the authorities cannot look at this from one angle only, they have to look at all angles like drama on television, the hugging scenes, why no action taken?” she asked.

She also said that not all Muslim K-pop fans willingly hugged and kissed their idols as some had their limits and the K-Pop artistes respected their wishes.

Another fan, wanting only to be known as Lily, said Jakim’s threats to arrest the girls for what they did was unfair as the religious body based their judgements solely on what they saw in the video.

Lamenting that their exaggerated outrage was attracting international attention, she explained, “Now the world is not only looking at the girls, but they are also looking at our country and religion.

“The issue has been exaggerated and now the international community has denounced Islam.”

Like Siti, Lily said some fans had their limits and politely refused to interact with band members on stage.

“There was one concert where a fan was invited to dance on stage but she declined because she wore (a) tudung and the artiste respected her decision.”