With about 2.9 million documented migrants, MyEG will collect over RM100 million annually?


Charles Hector

Well, Malaysia has now outsourced the work of the annual permit renewal to ONE private company, MyEG Services Bhd, as of 5th January 2015. All these renewals will now have to be done online. And for this service, a fee will have to paid to the said company – RM38 per worker per renewal. This is over and above all the payments being made for permit renewal to the government.

Previously, employers went to Immigration Departments to do this renewal of the annual permits. Some employers used agents to do this work – just like the ‘runners’ or ‘agents’ many of us use for the renewal of road tax

So, if the government wanted to make the process simpler – i.e. by making employers apply for these renewals online, should it not have been done by the Immigration Department? Of course, the Immigration Department may have outsourced the application processing to third parties – but we will all still be dealing with the Immigration Department. Banks have outsourced check processing and online banking, but alas the customers still deal with the bank. Hence, this handing over to a private company is odd… and raises many questions.
‘…Riot[Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Richard Riot Jaem] said the dumping of foreign workers in Malaysia is worrying as they are some 5.8 million of whom only 2.9 million are legal workers…’ – Bernama, 2/9/2014,Malaysian Workers Should Not Be Choosy Over Jobs – Riot
Well, RM38 per worker for annual renewal, and Malaysia has about 2.9 million documented migrants, which means that MyEG Services Bhd will collect annually RM110.2 million as their service charges, and this is a lot of money, and it is almost guaranteed income.
Is there anything wrong? Was there an open tender before this big money earning project was given to this private company? Who are the major shareholders of MyEG Services Bhd? Does the Malaysian government own this company, or at least a significant majority – for if yes, then the money(profits) will be flowing back to the government and to the people of Malaysia? 
Directors of MyEG website, we can get this information
Executive Director – Dato’ Dr Norraesah Binti Haji Mohamad, former UMNO Supreme Council Memberfrom 2000 to 2013, former Senator… She holds4,060,000 ordinary shares directly in the Company.
Executive Director -Dato’ Raja Haji Munir Shah Bin Raja Mustapha – ‘…In 1997, he was elected to head the Tanjong UMNO Youth Division and subsequently appointed as the State UMNO Youth Information Chief until his tenure ended in 2004. He was appointed as a City Councilor in 1997, 1998, 2003 and 2004. During his tenure as a Councilor in Penang Island Municipal Council (“MPPP”), he served as Chairman and Commitiee Member in various standing commitiees overseeing legislatives and policy matiers within the jurisdiction of MPPP which covers the island of Penang.In 2008, he was elected as Deputy Head of the UMNO Tanjung Division, a position he held until early 2014….’ – He holds 409,900 ordinary shares directly in the Company and186,657,998 ordinary shares indirectly in the Company.
Managing Director – Wong Thean Soon…He holds 44,226,006 ordinary shares directly in the Company and 196,657,998 ordinary shares indirectly in the Company.
There are several other non-executive Directors – visit the website and get more information of the Directors.
There seem to be no current civil servants listed as Directors. No one from the Ministry. So, is it a government owned company?