Isma chief launches new attack, speaks of ‘Jewish-led’ threat against Malays, Islam


(The Malaysian Insider) – Relentless in his attacks against non-Muslims despite a public outcry over controversial remarks made recently, Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman is now calling on Malays to fight for their rights or risk losing their Islamic identity in Malaysia to ” proxies of capitalist Jewish groups”.

In an open letter to the Malays, Abdullah Zaik said it was their collective responsibility to protect Islam and its supreme position in the country.

“Don’t allow foreign races to impose their wants on us.

“Leave fear behind and step forward to state your stand, we are duty bound to protect our rights in determining the way forward in this country,” he said in a statement.

He also cautioned against what he termed as “games of the enemy”, with  allegations of racism and extremism and the like.

“They are playing psychological mind games so that the sons of the soil will not rise up to protect their rights,” he said.

Last week, Abdullah Zaik irked Malaysians when he described the Chinese as “trespassers” who came into the country to bully the Malays.

Today, he reminded the Malays that the country was facing non-stop threats from all quarters, including groups who were proxies of Jewish Zionist evangelists who were intent on burying Islam.

“They want the Malay race to be in their control and they want to see us insulted as our religion is raped, the dignity of our race trampled on and our country pawned to the point we cannot do anything.

“If as Malays and Muslims, we are still uncertain of this, sooner or later our beloved country will be lost to us,” he said.