The Muslim Dilemma – HUDUD and the chopping of hands

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Anas Zubedy

While we Muslims are busy debating about cutting of hands, non-Muslims are busy discussing cutting edge technology. So who do you think will rule the world?
While Muslim doctors are asked to perform the act of severing hands, non-Muslim doctors are encouraged to find ways to reattached them. Who do you think will win people’s minds?
While Muslim leaders debate about chopping of hands, leaders of the other faiths are busy giving a helping hand to those in need in all corners of the world, including to needy Muslims.  So who do you think will win their hearts?
My dear Muslim brothers and sisters, we need to re-look at our priorities. In Malaysia, we Muslims are yet to be discipline at work, we do not read enough and our kids are not the best at their studies. We still need the government’s help and we are far behind in so many aspects. And we think Hudud is crucial at solving all these?
As I suggested above, doctors around the world are busy finding ways to reattached severed limbs. One day when technology reached the level that reattaching limbs is as easy as ABC, perhaps finally we will realized that the Quran is not literal in its hidayah.