PKR polls: Lack of information leads to low turnout


Although the opposition-based party has nearly half-a-million members, voter turnout at its two-week long voting process to pick national leaders, has been low

(Free Malaysia Today) – Voter turnout at the PKR polls, held to pick national leaders, has been ‘miserable’ because members are not told when and where they should cast their ballots.

Some 500,000 party members are required to find out details of voting by themselves and this has discouraged members from casting their ballots, a party source revealed today.

“That is why there’s a low turnout everywhere. We have 500,000 members but those who come to vote are only a small fraction. The party should make the whole election process transparent and tell members when and where they are supposed to vote,” he said.

He said the party election steering committee cannot place the responsibility on candidates to tell members when and where to vote.

“This is because a certain candidate will only inform his supporters of the details. Other members are left in a lurch. Our official website is also not helpful in giving out these details.

“Why isn’t the information getting updated? Members need to rely on news reports about the party elections through online portals,” he added.

The PKR polls began late April and is expected to end today. However several divisions which had problems will hold their polling after May 13, when the party is expected to announce winners of the polls.

Selangor will see the final round of polling today.