PKR polls: Fighting breaks out in Sabak Bernam division

Dr Abdul Aziz Bari

(The Star) – Chaos reigned at the PKR election for the Sabak Bernam division which was later cancelled.

What began as heated arguments, with curses thrown in, between rival supporters at the Sabak Bernam Mini Convention Centre turned ugly when several women supporters were seen pulling at each other’s dresses.

At one point, one of the supporters tried to hit another with a wooden stick. Those nearby quickly stopped the intended assault and dispersed the crowd with the help of the police who took away the stick.

The crowd also reacted angrily to media personnel who had tried to take pictures and video of the incident at 11am.

The election was subsequently cancelled at 1pm after three out of four candidates for division chief expressed dissatisfaction over alleged cheating and the manner the election was conducted.

One of the candidate, Dr Abdul Aziz Bari, a former lecturer at Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia, claimed he saw candidates going inside the polling centre.

He said he believed the incident was due to the new voting system, which he said was confusing.

Dr Abdul Aziz is facing Sabak Bernam PKR deputy chief Abdul Talib Bujang, Anuar Mujhir and Abdul Kadir Rashid.