Commotion, broken ballot boxes at Kota Raja PKR polls


Meena Lakshana,

What was supposed to be a routine polling day for members of the Kota Raja PKR division today turned ugly when ballot boxes were broken and votes strewn, necessitating a suspension of the polls.

When contacted, PKR central committee member Dr Xavier Jayakumar said a group of people  started a commotion at the polling centre at about 4pm, breaking the ballot boxes.

“I am very disappointed after doing so much of work in the division. Certain elements were used at this time to smear party’s name. There was no protocol, no adhering to the rule of law,” he said.

Xavier could not say for sure who started the commotion and who were involved in it as he was not at the voting centre at the time.

However, without naming any parties, Xavier alleged that it was the work of his “opposition”.

He said from morning, there were attempts to botch the polls, as certain individuals tried to halt the voting process.

“I will blame it on my opposition. From the beginning, they tried to stop balloting,” he said.

“They brought voters from outside of Kota Raja. They (the voters) don’t know me and I don’t them.

“If they are indeed from my division, they would have recognised me,” he added.

He also alleged money was offered to entice voters to cast ballot for a certain candidate.

“We have allegations and rumours that money was used to entice voters. They were offered RM30 to RM50 to vote,” he said.

“Their agents go around place and offer money. They call it transport allowance. We are starting to create a culture of money politics,” he added.