Nurul Izzah acknowledges problem in new PKR party election system


Azril Annuar,

PKR incumbent vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar finds that one of the most glaring problems facing the party elections is the new system utilising numbered ballots instead of the conventional system of crossing an ‘X’ next to the candidate’s name and photograph.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of PKR’s Lembah Pantai’s branch elections today, Nurul said the new system will take a longer time and affect the elderly the most because they will need to calculate and memorise the candidate’s numbers.

“I think (the most glaring problem is) the process itself. It uses numbers thus making it more complicated and difficult compared to (the conventional method) during the General Elections. We should use the same method so that there will be continuity,” she said.

“Without any names (or photographs) on the ballot papers, there is no emotional attachment. Last time when you have the name and the face, it makes things easier and smoother. This new process also takes longer to complete,” Nurul said.

She said for the sake of the elderly, those 60 years and above, the party or Central Election Committee (CEC) should prepare special booths for them especially in light of the new and more complicated system where the elderly is expected to take more time to figure out which candidate belongs to which number before they can cast their ballots.

“There are rooms for improvement. Whatever it is, we need to look at the weaknesses seriously in terms of implementation and finds ways to improve on it. I have always believed and said that democracy, whatever it may be, must never burden the organisation.

“I will ask the CEC or the committee responsible to improve on the system,” she said.

Nurul: Saifuddin stand better chance with revoting of 17 branches

Touching on her running mate, Datuk Saifuddin Nasution’s chances on taking the deputy presidency seat, Nurul said she believed he still has a chance of winning in light of re-voting process by the 17 branches.

“I won’t say that it will take a miracle for him to win but we need to look at the 17 branches that has revoted. The decision can give a small indicator on who will win,” said Nurul.

She admitted today that the reason she decided to contest together with Saifuddin was because of the fact that he does not hold any political positions outside the party.

“It was difficult for me to actually choose to be running mate with anyone. If you know, in 2010 I was a neutral party but I still am in many ways. But I like a (party) leader without any other positions like a Menteri Besar, state assemblyman or an MP.

“This will allow the candidate to commit and fully take the burden of party matters at our headquarters. In my opinion, we should give limelight to office bearers… I prefer a deputy president who can focus his time in the office.” said Nurul.