Putrajaya is treating us unfairly, lawmaker tells Sarawak state assembly


(TMI) – If a referendum to decide whether Sarawak should remain in Malaysia is held today, 75% of Sarawakians would opt for separation, Kota Sentosa assemblyman Chong Chieng Jen told the state legislative assembly today.

The DAP state chairman said the rape and channelling of most of Sarawak’s hydrocarbon resources, especially oil and gas, and the resultant lopsided development in the state when compared to the peninsula are fuelling the current resentment Sarawakians have against Putrajaya.

He also warned Putrajaya against taking this resentment lightly.

“Do not underestimate this sentiment of being unfairly treated,” Chong (pic) said when speaking on the motion to raise the oil and gas royalties from the current 5% to at least 20%, which the assembly later unanimously adopted.

To further illustrate the level of resentment, Chong quoted the statement made by the spokesman for the Sarawak Sovereignty Movement, Datuk Morshidi Abdul Rahman, last year when he said: “the people have had enough of the lopsided development between the peninsula and Sarawak, and something is needs to be done”.

“We are a civil and political movement. We are not militants or extremists. We just want equality for all Sarawakians regardless of their race.”

That, Chong said, is a sentiment shared by many, “even in this House”.

“When the West Malaysians are talking about traffic jams, we are talking about what?

“Feeder roads. Roads to some of the villages in the rural areas.

“When the West Malaysians are talking about tap water, many of our longhouses are talking about gravity feed water (system).”

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