Isma stands by statements on Chinese as ‘trespassers’, refuses to apologise


(The Malaysian Insider) – Despite the widespread protests and criticism against Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) for its “Chinese are trespassers” statement, the group today said it was standing by its remarks and has refused to apologise.

Its president‎, Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman, said he felt that the “aggressive” reaction from non-Muslims was because they wanted to “silence the Muslims”.

“They are worried that it will hamper their efforts to change the country’s identity, do away with Malay rights and destroy the sovereignty of Malaysia and Islam,” he said at a press conference at Isma’s headquarters in Bangi.

However, he said that the statements were meant to be a “warning” and a “reminder” to non-Muslims to stay away from commenting on matters related to Islam.

Zaik said earlier this week that Chinese migrants brought in by the British to Tanah Melayu were “trespassers” and questioned the citizenship and wealth given to them‎.

On Tuesday, he had asked on Isma’s website: ‎”Who gave them (the Chinese) citizenship and wealth until the results of their trespassing are protected until this day?

“This was all the doing of the British, who were in cohorts with the Chinese to oppress and bully the Malays.”

He also said it was all a mistake that needed to be rectified but had not said how.

Zaik’s comments ‎were met with criticism by non- Muslim groups, with Chinese-language newspapers calling Isma an “extreme rightist group like Perkasa, based on racism and narrow-minded religious views”.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said Abdullah Zaik was being investigated under the Sedition Act for his statement after several police reports were lodged against the Isma president.

Today, an unrepentant Zaik told reporters that the involvement of non-Muslims in politics should be “limited within the framework of the Constitution”.

“They have crossed the line that they have meddled in the affairs of Malays and in Islam. This is too much,” he added.