Implement hudud for all, not only Muslims, says Isma


(The Malaysian Insider) – A Muslim rights group today upped the ante against non-Muslims by saying that the Islamic penal code should apply to all Malaysians, not only Muslims.

Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman, president of Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma), said hudud ‎should be carried out for the country’s “well-being”, adding that criminals would then be fearful of committing crimes.

“Yes, it should be for all. For Muslims, it is for the forgiveness of sins. And for the non-Muslims, it is in national interests and to safeguard the public,” he told a press conference in Bangi.

Giving an example, he said if Malays stole from the Chinese, it would be the same as the Chinese stealing from the Malays.

“So with this, Chinese cannot steal from the Malays and vice versa. And it is not fair if only one race gets punished for stealing and the other doesn’t.”

Shariah has come under the spotlight after PAS-led Kelantan revealed that it intended to table a private member’s bill to allow the implementation of hudud in the state.

In 1993, the state government passed the Kelantan Shariah Criminal Code Enactment II, allowing it to impose the penal code in the state.

But the laws have not been implemented.

PAS has come under fire for bringing up the hudud, which could also see the end of the opposition coalition of Pakatan Rakyat as DAP has urged the ‎Islamic party to leave the pact if it was determined to go ahead with hudud, which involves the amputation of limbs, whipping and stoning to death for various offences.

DAP has been one of the strongest critics against the hudud punishment, saying that it was not part of the PR consensus after the 13th general election.

Referring to DAP, Zaik said today that non-Muslims had no right to comment on Islamic matters, including hudud, despite insisting that it should be implemented for all.