‘Who is UiTM to belittle another’s faith’


A MCA leader criticises UiTM, saying it was not up to the varsity to determine the authenticity of another’s religion.

(Free Malaysia Today) – Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) has no right to determine which religion is true or otherwise, said an MCA leader.

The party’s Religious Harmony Bureau deputy chairman, Ng Chok Sin said this in response to a seminar recently held by UiTM which was said to havedemonised Christians.

“It is not up to the presenters to determine whether the religious beliefs and practices of another is right or wrong.

“They should keep such opinions to themselves rather than blurting it out in the open, “ said Ng, in a statement.

On Tuesday. UiTM held a seminar supposedly to promote understanding about Christianity and Islam. However, the talks quickly turned into a Christian bashing session.

The seminar attendees were warned of increasing Christianisation in Malaysia with no facts presented. One of the speakers even said that not converting to Islam was an act of betrayal against Jesus Christ.

Upset with the matter, Ng urged the university authority to investigate on how such a seminar was allowed to take place.

He also urged UiTM to take steps to rectify the damage done, as failure to do so would cast seriousasperation on the university’s quality as a tertiary institution.

“And this Christian bashing spree should stop as it will create disunity among Muslims and non-Muslims,” said Ng.