Chegubard accuses Azmin of rigging PKR polls, Azmin maintains dignified silence


( – The immense discrepancies during the PKR party polls recently where 17 branches have to recast their ballots could be the work of factions within party deputy president Azmin Ali’s camp, claims party member Badrul Hisham Shaharin.

Badrul, better known as Chegubard, said this was a repeat of the party’s last elections in 2010 where it faced the same problems.

“This is just like what happened back in 2010 where the CEC (Central Election Council) played the same role when fraud was committed.

“For instance, there were too many ballot papers given out, more than what was required and some of the votes that were cast was quite suspect, especially since it seemed to have the same person’s handwriting, “ he said.

Badrul told this when asked to comment on what happened during the casting of the ballots and caused the CEC to call for a revote in  the 17 branches.

“There were so many incidents that I heard some party members asking, what is the difference between PKR and the Election Commission then? When I voiced out the issue last time, I was silenced and Datuk Seri Zaid Ibrahim left the party and I was alone in this.

“Now, history has proven me right as it has happened again. The CEC claims that the fraud happened because of the weakness in the system, but what if the weakness was “deliberate”, by the CEC themselves?” questioned Badrul, who is also a renowned rabble rouser.

However, another party member who requested anonymity refuted Badrul’s claims of extra ballot papers, saying the problem was due to “not enough ballot papers”.

“Some of the more serious problems at the branches, particularly in Tenum was that there was not enough ballot papers to go around. Another issue was that some of the candidates’ electoral registration number on the paper did not tally with the electoral registration number originally given to them.

“So there were a few candidates who protested and lodged complaints because this will affect their chances of winning and the voting process,” said the party member.

Chegubard stresses need to ‘Bersih-kan’ CEC

Badrul also pointed out that the best way to alleviate this problem is to elect a brand new CEC and “clean it up” by ejecting certain members of the council, whose names he refused to divulge.

“I’ve submitted my complaints to the CEC. It’s up to them what they must do,” said Badrul.

When asked if there could be any malicious forces trying to rig the party’s election, he immediately accused factions within incumbent deputy president Azmin Ali of doing so.

“Batang Sadong and many other branches, and trust me, it’s more than 17, are merely part of an operation to ensure Azmin Ali’s victory. That’s all and this makes it very difficult for (the rest of) us,” said Badrul.

Azmin refuses to be dragged into a mud-slinging contest

However, when contacted, Azmin refused to entertain Badrul’s diatribe and accusation against him.

He merely said: “The leadership of the party gives full support to the CEC to investigate all complaints without fear or favour and to take a stern action against anyone if they have sufficient and solid evidence about the complaints, and we will not interfere in the process.”

“So, if there are complaints, just forward it to CEC but don’t implicate others, slander them or say blatant lies and allegations against them.

“Just focus on your complaint coupled with your evidence to the CEC for their investigations. We must respect the independence of the body to conduct the investigation,” added Azmin.