Brewing storm of hatred and bigotry, induced by dark and evil forces

zaid abdul rahman ISMA

There are few guarantees provided by our constitution more steadfast that the one of our Citizenship.

Howard Lee

Our nation is being hit by an artificially induced storm of hatred and bigotry by dark and evil forces who are arm- in-arm with, and serving the interest of those walking the corridors of power. In the space of 24 hours, we have seen one of our nation’s public institutions being used as a platform to incite religious bigotry and extremism; and a racial and religious extremist organisation peddling revolting, abhorrent and seditious race-hate statements.

In our nation, where the police is well known for their utmost efficiency in curbing voices of dissent, and preventing events that are viewed as potentially inciting racial disharmony and religious hatred, we see total inaction by the police on these seditious happenings. Yes, granted; the IGP has made a statement stating investigations will be held, but that is it. What more investigation do need other than to log on to

Needless to say, the Attorney General’s Chambers are seemingly too busy levelling charges against Pakatan Rakyat leaders to care about real threats to national harmony like ISMA and MAIS.


ISMA and their Chinese Invaders statement UNCONSTITUTIONAL

The statement made by ISMA President Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman’s, who branded Malaysian Chinese as invaders who set out to oppress and bully the Malays, shows that he is not only seditious, but also an anti-constitutional chauvinist.

Though I do not subscribe to the Sediton Act as it is but a tool used by the BN past and present to silent dissent, Abdullah Zaik is seditious. His words are outwardly and unashamedly crafted to incite racial hatred with intent to marginalise minority Malaysian ethnic groups, in this case the Malaysian Chinese community. He has also succeeded with flying colours in promoting feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Malaysia, which is seditious by definition and in spirit.

Not only that, he has gone against the Federal Constitution, the highest law of the land,  as he suggests in his statement that “Malaysian Chinese whose citizenship and riches are given to them and are invaders whose fruits of invasion are protected till this day”

 “Siapa yang bagi mereka hak kerakyatan dan kekayaan sehingga hasil pencerobohan mereka dilindungi sampai hari ini?[1]

By simply asserting that Malaysian Chinese are invaders in itself is not only historically farcical and ludicrous, but downright unconstitutional.

“Orang Cina datang ke negara ini bersama penjajah British sebagai penceroboh. [1]

Citizenship is a RIGHT, not a privilege.

There are few guarantees provided by our constitution more steadfast that the one of our Citizenship. Equally, our citizenship accorded by Article 14.1(B)[2] is not given to us by anyone nor can it be taken away barring very limited circumstances provided by the constitution *; it is an inalienable right.

*Only if a Malaysian has successfully acquired citizenship of another nation and/or have enjoyed a right exclusive to the citizens of another nation, that one’s citizenship stands a chance of being revoked. Apart from those two circumstances, one’s right to citizenship is absolutely guaranteed.

I repeat; It’s not a privilege to be taken or given, It’s a RIGHT.

All matters under Part III of the Federal Constitution[3] i.e. Citizenship rights is one of the very few topics that are out of bounds even for Parliamentarians with their parliamentary immunity to question. ISMA and it’s heinous President has stepped well and truly, over the line in challenging this incontrovertible right of Malaysian citizenship of those born on or after Malaysia day in Malaysia.

Abdullah Zaik’s assertion both in this statement and his many previous outbursts, just goes to show that he is a witless racist who is hell bent on realising his self-serving ethnic and religious cleansing agenda. The constitutional reality is; his is but a sick and twisted pipedream that is “ultra vires”.

Even someone as atrocious and ghastly as he is, cannot be questioned of his citizenship, the same way as mine,  the citizenship of “an anti Barisan Nasional, anti-racial- supremacy, Malaysian first, half-Hokkien-half Hakka second,  elected representative in His Royal Majesty’s Loyal Opposition” cannot be questioned… Not even by His Majesty himself.


Let those ignorant of the Law, be dealt with by the Law.

What he said, and what I believe he will continue to say, is also his inalienable right. We will not be hypocritical in stifling him of his freedom of expression. However, when an individual is using lies, and hateful slanders to sow seeds for his not-so-hidden agenda of ethnic and religious cleansing, he or she must be subject to the law.

It is not for me to decide what he has said is indeed what I claim it is, it is the duty of the courts to decide. But I sure as hell will go the full length in making sure every person I know and speak to, share my views; that there is no place anywhere on earth for an organisation like ISMA, and that it’s President Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman is a traitor to the nation by virtue of his violation of the Federal Constitution.

Lastly, I need not back this up with anything, as I have my freedom of expression; Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman is indeed an Evil man with Evil intents, who brings shame to Islam, a faith I respect; and brings disrepute to the Malays, an ethnic group I find truly amazing.

Yes. I AM making a police report.


Howard Lee Chuan How





[2]           *Schedule 2 PART II

[Article 14(1)(b)]



1. Subject to the provisions of Part III of this Constitution, the following persons

born on or after Malaysia Day are citizens by operation of law, that is to say:

(a) every person born within the Federation of whose parents one at least is at time of the birth either a citizen or permanently resident in the Federation; and

 (b) every person born outside the Federation whose father is at the time of the birth a citizen and either was born in the Federation or is at the time of the birth in the service of the Federation or of a State; and

 (c) every person born outside the Federation whose father is at the time of the birth a citizen and whose birth is, within one year of its occurrence or within such longer period as the Federal Government may in any particular case allow, registered at a consulate of the Federation or, if it occurs in Brunei or in a territory prescribed for this purpose by order of the Yang di Pertuan Agong, registered with the Federal Government; and

(d) every person born in Singapore of whose parents one at least is at the time of the birth a citizen and who is not born a citizen otherwise than by virtue of this paragraph; and

 (e) every person born within the Federation who is not born a citizen of any country otherwise than by virtue of this paragraph.

2.             (1) A person is not a citizen by virtue of paragraph (a), (d) or (e) of section 1 if, at the time of his birth, his father, not being a citizen, possesses such immunity from suit and legal process as is accorded to an envoy of a sovereign power accredited to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, or if his father is then an enemy alien and the birth occurs in a place under the occupation of the enemy.

(2) In section 1 the reference in paragraph (b) to a person having been born in the Federation includes his having been born before Malaysia Day in the territories comprised in the States of Sabah and Sarawak.

(3) For the purposes of paragraph (e) of section 1 a person is to be treated as having at birth any citizenship which he acquires within one year afterwards by virtue of any provisions corresponding to paragraph (c) of that section or otherwise.



Chapter 1—Acquisition of Citizenship

Citizenship by operation of law

 14. (1) Subject to the provisions of this Part, the following persons are citizens by operation of law, that is to say:

 (a) every person born before Malaysia Day who is a citizen of the Federation by virtue of the provisions contained in Part I of the Second Schedule*; and

 (b) every person born on or after Malaysia Day, and having any of the qualifications specified in Part II of the Second Schedule.