Pakatan ‘toppling’ over water


The water crisis may well be the beginning of the end of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition in Selangor

Narinder Singh, Free Malaysia Today

Water, the basic necessity of all living organisms has evolved into a ‘rare commodity’ in Malaysia. It is humiliating and disgusting that in a tropical country such as ours, we are facing a water shortage in the so-called most developed state in the nation, Selangor.

The ruling coalition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) howls and throws tantrums at the slightest of movement in Putrajaya. It literally raises eyebrows when somebody in Putrajaya breaks wind, but forgets that it has, over the years, made Selangorians beggars of sorts for water.

PR is more interested in making headlines to strip naked the nation on every possible facet, but when it comes to their own backyard, they blame the Gods for not sending rain and the poor rakyat for abusing water usage.

Come on, you claim to have the best of brains to run the country and can even locate MH370 in a jiffy, don’t tell us that your pea brains could not anticipate the imminent water shortage? After all, PR has run the state since 2008.

If it has not learnt anything since, then how much different can it be than the current ruling dinosaurs? PR leaders and their blind followers are always boasting that they are the best. Yes, best at screwing up the state further in terms of the economy and social well-being of the community.

The economic impact of water rationing is huge. Millions, if not billions, of losses incurred by businesses, regardless of their capacity have been ignored by the state government. The cost of water shortage and rationing will have a chain reaction on the supply and demand mechanisms, both in the service and goods related providers.

PR is barking up the wrong tree for the current fiasco. Just to gain cheap political mileage, it has gone nationwide to denounce the Goods and Services Tax, claiming that it will burden the rakyat.

It is their democratic right but if the GST, corruption and leakages are such a concern to it, then what about the water crisis in its own state which has caused great misery to the rakyat?

Is PR willing to compensate those affected by the water crisis by waiving their property assessments, quit rent, and water bill for the coming two to three years as goodwill in bearing with their incompetence? Having nearly RM3 billion surplus in the state coffers means nothing when your basic necessity is not met.

PR says it is a far-sighted political front. Is it being comical or what? I wonder how it can manage other pressing issues if it can’t even solve the water problem. It only goes on to show that it too, is a lackey bereft of proactive minds.

All it wants is federal power. Taking to the streets, inciting hatred against the government, fault finding, parading memorial services of the dead around the nation, mass rallies and threatening to topple the government through such activities will not solve the water crisis.