Chaos as Nibong Tebal PKR polls declared null and void


(NST) – The election process for Nibong Tebal PKR division has been declared null and void after phantom voters were discovered in the three-cornered race for its chairman’s post.

Although the number of voters registered for today’s polling was 672, officials discovered to their surprise there were a total of 838 ballot papers collected at the end of the voting process held at the Dewan JKKK in Simpang Tiga here.
As a result, two of the contenders,  incumbent division chairman Makhtar Shapee and Sanjeeviramah Subramani refused to participate in the counting process.
There were many red faces among the incumbent’s and Sanjeeviramah’s supporters and many of them turned towards the third contender, Datuk Dr Mansor Othman, who is also State PKR chairman.
Just then, Mansor’s supporters started to surround him, as if to prevent the MP for Nibong Tebal from being physically harmed.
The division’s polls director Kalsom Said then declared the electoral process as null and void and called for a re-election to be held.
Almost immediately after the announcement, the hall went dark, sending the hall into more havoc as screaming matches broke out, with chairs and tables being kicked.
Nobody was injured during the blackout which lasted about 20 seconds.
Mansor was then seen being whisked away by his aides and supporters, while Mahktar and Subramani remained in the hall.
The Nibong Tebal PKR division has total of 3,692 registered members.