The continued dumbing down of the people

I have lost count of the things our government thinks Malays should be protected from.

Erna Mahyuni, MM

Everything is a threat to the Malays and Islam, it seems. Malay-speaking Christians. Feminism. Concerts. Dogs. Pork. The Chinese. Zionists. Atheists. Upin and Ipin. What next? The Teletubbies?

At every chance it gets, our government likes reminding us how easily confused Malays are. This is perhaps the only government in history that gets away with calling its citizens stupid and using it as an excuse to clamp down on freedom of expression and basic human rights.

Truly, self-righteousness should probably be added to our Rukunegara as it seems to have become part of our national psyche.

We have somehow made it socially acceptable to be busybodies in the name of God. We have also declared God is so weak, that His name needs protecting with the power of our legal system.

I know though, that writing this column is an exercise in futility. Lawyers, doctors, journalists and yes, politicians, have no problems leaving their brains at the door when the topic of religion comes up.

There can be no debate as it will just become a neverending loop until in the end, the people with more sense throw their hands up in the air and give in to the temporarily insane.

This is what a (hypothetical) debate would look like:

A: “You know, tampering with the country’s Constitution to achieve your ideal of a theocratic state is disrespecting the Constitution and opening the way to injustice towards minorities.”

B: “Shut up, I am doing this for God.”

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