Place for hudud in Malaysia not yet ready, says Anwar


(Malay Mail Online) – Malaysia still does not have the proper institution in place to implement the controversial Islamic penal code of hudud, Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim insisted today.

Anwar also reminded Muslims that hudud is just a small component in the implementation of shariah ― the Islamic moral code ― which also includes “higher objectives” such as justice, good governance, and fight against racism.

“I cannot envisage a situation where you try to apply any facet of what we consider important piece of legislation when institutions are not in place,” Anwar told reporters here.

“We cannot talk about hudud when the judiciary and the judges are still not independent. I can give you tens of examples, even including the Shariah courts. Now, who are the ones who will implement this hudud?”

Therefore, he invited Pakatan Rakyat (PR) component party PAS to engage its allies in a “reasoned discourse” before pushing with its intention to table two private member bills in Parliament to allow Kelantan’s implementation of hudud.

“When it becomes rancorous like this, or the exchange is controversial, it is never useful to push through,” Anwar said.

“I think PAS can be persuaded to allow for a healthy discourse, not withstanding their strong views on this issue.”