PAS janganlah tembak, janganlah main poker bluff!

anthony loke

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There’s a Penang Hokkien phrase called ‘pnee been’.

‘Pnee’ means ‘action’ or ‘become’ or ‘do/make something’ like in‘pnee kui pnee kwai’ which literally means ‘become the devil and do something weird/eerie’, but figuratively would translate as ‘up to something naughty or mischievous’.

Been’ is of course ‘face’ where ‘boe been’ literally means ‘no face’ or figuratively ‘lose face’.

Back to ‘pnee been’. Figuratively it means ‘turn nasty/ugly or unfriendly’.

Well, yesterday FMT reported that Pak Haji Hadi Awang, at a fund raising event held at the Pusat Tarbiyah Islamiah Kelantan (Putik), told PKR You have no right to block hudud. It was unmistakably a ‘pnee been’ statement to PKR.

But some have been puzzled with what they see as Pak Haji’s misdirected ‘pnee been’, because Anwar Ibrahim’s party or rather his wife’s (wakakaka) party had not made any stand yet on PAS’ intention to implement hudud in Kelantan.

It has been the other Pakatan component party, DAP, whose several leaders have told PAS publicly DAP won’t support or disagree with PAS’ hudud intention.

Anthony Loke has even told PAS to leave Pakatan if the Islamic party insists on having hudud in Kelantan, though I wonder whether Anwar Ibrahim and PKR would agree to Loke’s call to PAS to f**k off if it pursues the issue of hudud because that will put an end to Anwar’s dream of becoming PM – yes, he still holds on to that dream even as he knows he’ll end up shortly in jail.

Today, DAP is outraged at Pak Haji’s claim that Pakatan’s top council gave blessings for PAS’s hudud plan. News channel Astro Awani had reported Pak Haji as saying: “We have talked about this being the right of PAS leaders. We had issued a joint statement involving Pakatan Rakyat leaders that PAS’s right should be respected because this agenda came before Pakatan Rakyat existed.”

DAP leaders repudiated kau kau his claim, as reported in TMI’s DAP leaders deny Pakatan’s top council gave blessings for PAS’s hudud plan.

Lim Guan Eng and Gobind Deo want Pak Haji to show proof of such an agreement, with the latter saying:

“This claim is totally untrue. The common agenda of Pakatan Rakyat signed by Hadi himself clearly excludes hudud. In addition, DAP has always made it crystal clear that it is totally against hudud as it is unconstitutional and unsuitable in a multiracial country like ours.”