Unfair Hudud laws will make women easy targets for rape, says Gerakan leader

Tan Lian Hoe

(Malay Mail Online) – Hudud laws on rape are unfair and heap a heavy burden of proof on victims, according to Wanita Gerakan chief Datuk Tan Lian Hoe.

Should the Islamist party PAS implement hudud in Kelantan, women and children are in danger of becoming easy targets for rape by Muslim men, the Gerik MP claimed.

“I don’t think hudud law is very fair, that is why I said that on Facebook. When a rape is taking place, who would call someone to witness it” she told The Malay Mail Online.

Tan’s rant started on her Facebook page  in response to other posts.

“Andy wait until one fine day their daughters or grand-daughters being raped by a muslim man. Then they will cry!!!!!” Tan posted in reply to a post by Facebook user Andychew Andypfilcol.

By ‘they’ Tan was referring to DAP, the mainly ethnic Chinese party which is part of the Pakatan Rakyat alliance along with PAS and PKR.

Tan told The Malay Mail Online that the “daughters or grand-daughters” in her post referred to “the Chinese people.”

It would be difficult to charge rape offenders under hudud laws as four witnesses would be required to prove to the Syariah Court that the crime had taken place, she added.

Gerakan has said it will apply for an injunction to prevent PAS from seeking to remove the legal safeguards against hudud, if the party presses ahead with its controversial plan.

PAS announced plans this month to introduce two private members’ bills in Parliament to remove safeguards in the constitution that bar it from enforcing Hudud laws.

In Islamic jurisprudence, “hudud” covers crimes such as theft, robbery, adultery and illicit sex. Punishments for the crimes are severe, including amputation, flogging and death by stoning.