Feminism is a facade to dishonour Muslim women, says Isma chief

zaid abdul rahman ISMA

(MM) – Feminism is a facade used by a secret Zionist-Christian alliance to dishonour Muslim women, according to Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) president Zaid Abdul Rahman.

He said feminism, which seeks to promote women’s rights and gender equality, is a cynical ploy which aims to commoditise women and help capitalists control the world.

“The model introduced by the west is a model that will destroy women especially Muslim women… all these slogans of women’s liberation, under the name of women’s rights, would actually turn women into objects of trade and help their attempt to dominate the world and Muslims,” Zaid told a press conference after opening the Isma Women’s Convention yesterday

“All the fight for women’s rights upheld by the West like feminism is actually a facade.”

Since Malaysia’s general elections in 2013, the non-governmental organisation has been growing in popularity, striking a chord with more conservative Malay Muslims who support its push for Malaysia to become an Islamic state.

Isma’s uncompromising views and bald statements have been criticised mainly by Malaysia’s non-Muslim minority and rights groups. Some have likened Isma to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The president of the conservative Islamist group added that feminism will not improve the standing of women and that Muslim women embracing feminism would fall into the trap of the “Jewish capitalist” conspiracy.

Zaid also argued that the rationalism and critical thinking promoted by feminism was a way to trick Muslim women into abandoning Islam.

“The west is trying to paint Muslim women as conservative, uncritical not progressive. This comes from the ideology of rationalism that idolises rational (thinking).

“They are trying to trick Muslims into being critical of Islam, the hadith. If you are critical then you are portrayed as modern and rational,” he said.

Zaid said Muslim women should instead look towards Isma’s campaign to promote “moderation” among women.

He said that “moderation” meant concealing the body and being demure.

Earlier Zaid said equality, liberty and human rights are “godless” and “faithless” ideologies created by atheists to destroy Islam.