Hudud will seal political position of Malays, thwart non-Muslim ambitions


(MM) – Implementing hudud laws in will help seal the political position of ethnic Malays in the country, thwarting any challenge from non-Muslims, the leader of a hardline Muslim group claimed today.

Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) chief Zaid Abdul Rahman said that non-Muslims fear hudud because its implementation would automatically make Malaysia an Islamic state.

“This belief that non-Muslims reject hudud because they don’t understand it is not true. In fact, they know well the implication of power,” Zaid told a press conference after opening the Isma Women’s Convention here.

“The Islamic state would ensure power remains under Muslim control. The Islamic state would also preserve the sovereignty of the Malays in our own land… that is why we see non-Muslims reject hudud,” he added.

Since Malaysia’s general elections in 2013, the non-governmental organisation has been growing in popularity, striking a chord with more conservative Malay Muslims who support its push for Malaysia to become an Islamic state.

ISMA’s uncompromising views and bald statements have been criticised mainly by Malaysia’s non-Muslim minority and rights groups. Some have likened ISMA to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The Isma chief urged Malay-Muslims to unite to create a powerful Islamic political force that would fight to make Malaysia an Islamic state and roll out hudud to preserve its political supremacy.

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