Ahmadiyyas: Prophet Muhammad is not the last


Though considered deviants by the religious authorities, the sect only differs in terms of interpretation of Islam

K. Pragalath, Free Malaysia Today

The Ahmadiyya followers in Kampung Nakhoda, Batu Caves, who will be charged with conducting prayers in a place not considered a mosque, believe that Muhammad is not the last prophet.

The followers believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the sect’s founder, is Imam Mahdi contrary to what Sunni Muslims say that the prophet has yet to arrive.

In Malaysia, Ahmadiyyas are considered deviants because they differ in interpretation of certain concepts of Islam.

Ainul Yaqeen Muhammad Zain, who is the community’s leader in Kampung Nakhoda, said Muhammad was the last prophet who brought Islamic law to mankind but there will be others after him.

According to Muslims, Imam Mahdi is the prophet who would rid the world of evil before the Day of Judgment.

Ahmadiyyas believe the second coming would be someone similar to Christ in spirit whereas Muslims from other sects believe that Jesus would return to assist Imam Mahdi.

Ainul also told FMT that they do not propagate their teachings to other communities.

“People come here to find out on their own. We do not propagate it to others,” he said.

Ahmadiyya was founded in British India near the end of the 19th century.