Red Bean vs Blue Wave: Why BN is losing the cyber war


(The Ant Daily) – Last week saw another escalation of the BN-Pakatan Rakyat cyberwar, when the alleged proposal of a Blue Wave Army by Umno politician Datuk Ahmad Maslan to counter Pakatan’s supposed Red Bean Army caused much ado in the world wide web.

He reportedly suggested this as a means to counter the alleged slander that Pakatan is supposedly spreading via its so- called Red Bean Army of cyber warriors.

The clash by supporters of both political entities took centre stage on social media platforms, the online battle demonstrating why perhaps that BN can never hope to win the cyber war.

One page was set up on Facebook, although it is unclear by who really, claiming to be the Blue Wave Army, and within minutes began to see clashes from BN’s online supporters and anti-BN and pro-Pakatan netizens.

One posting which went viral was by one of the alleged Blue Wave Army cybertroopers claiming to have the MUET certification but made a very glaring mistake asking those opposed to BN to “open your ice”.

MUET or the Malaysian University English Test, is an English proficiency test that students seeking entry to Malaysian universities must pass.

Needless to say the “ice” opening statement became an internet meme as anti-BN and pro-Pakatan netizens went to town with it.

Twitter was flooded with tweets commenting on the cyber trooper force, many ridiculing the idea and a lot of them poking fun at the misspelling of “ice” for “eyes”

The Blue Wave Army and Ahmad became the pinata of the day, as Malaysian netizens whacked them left, right and centre, much like its candy filled donkey-shaped Mexican party game prop.

After the withering fusillade against him and BN for the supposed proposal, several blogs later ran a statement apparently from Ahmad claiming that he never mooted the idea but was misquoted by reporters.

However, the initial news item on him proposing the idea was carried by national news agency Bernama, controlled by the BN-led government.