Infidels go to hell, Isma leader reminds Muslims mourning Karpal’s passing


(Malay Mail) – In a rebuke aimed at Muslims mourning the death of veteran opposition politician Karpal Singh, a leader of Islamist group Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma) stressed today that infidels go to hell when they die.

Isma central committee member Mohd Hazizi Ab Rahman, called on Muslims to be more discerning when they pay their respects.

“In the Quran, Allah stated many times that the place for those who die an infidel is hell,” Hazizi was quoted as saying on Isma’s website.

“Therefore, for those who refute this, it means they have rejected Allah’s revelation,” he added.

Hazizi’s remarks were in response to several Muslims who claimed on social media that Karpal will be rewarded in the afterlife for his good deeds.

Karpal was killed yesterday morning in a car crash that also claimed the life of his long-time assistant Michael Cornellius.

Hazizi’s comments echoed a statement by the National Fatwa Council in December last year, advising Muslims against using the phrase “rest in peace” in reference to deceased non-Muslims.

The council said it was fine for Muslims to mourn the death of non-Muslims but insisted that those who die as infidels will not receive forgiveness and blessings from Allah.

Karpal is survived by five children, four grandchildren, and his wife of over 40 years, Gurmit Kaur.