No action over madrasah blasting loud speeches throughout the day


Can no one question their actions? Do they not have consequences for their actions?

Raymond Chew, TMI

This is not something unfamiliar with many. In my case, I face with extreme volume from the loudspeakers of a nearby madrasah, waking me and the entire neighbourhood every morning, yell at the entire neighbourhood every evening and lecturing a handful of attendees every night.

This is happening in a very diverse neighborhood in Ampang.

The madrasah had just installed brand new loudspeakers and I thought to myself, perhaps this should not be something difficult to deal with considering people around should be logical and reasonable.

So I called the city council, MPAJ and they had someone to check.

One month later, it went back to the same level at over 80dB, 92dB at its peak. I contacted the MP  for my area. Same cycle. Then, I proceeded to call the Pejabat Agama Islam Gombak, talked to a few people, but no resolution.

At the same time, I was talking to the chairman of the madrasah but not much difference was made. The azan would still be over 80dB, followed by
a few sermons occasionally.

One of the speakers at the madrasah texted me that “loud is good and long as everyone was blessed by the prayers”. This type of indoctrination is not unheard of (same thing I heard of from teachers in public schools in the 90s) and was not addressing the issue.

Of course I have never forgotten to mention that there are 4 suraus and mosques within 1km radius from my house.

And that was throughout 2012.

In 2013, I sent a complaint to MPAJ again, followed by a call to the police headquarters in Ampang. After receiving a short acknowledgement by the Special Branch police officer via phone call, I heard nothing from them after that.

It is now 2014. The azan averages about 82dB consistently. One would think in a collective society like ours, a talk, a chat or a discussion would address and solve issues here but the reality is way too different.

But what is the underlying problem here? Is it because of the sensitivity of the complaint?

If so, why is it sensitive to the other party? Was it because the complainant is not a Muslim?

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