Islam bashing is actually Christianity bashing


And Anwar was not charged under Islamic or Sharia law but under the remnants of a Christian law that the British left us. And what most Malays do not realise is that much of Islamic law is Judeo-Christianity or Arab tribal laws. And Malays do not know this because they do not study Comparative Religion or read the Bible.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Sometimes Muslims make the most ridiculous statements. Take the news report below as one such example. How can Muslims make statements like that? More importantly, how can Muslims even think like that or come to those types of conclusions? It is mind-boggling.

In the past I would have written an article whacking these Muslims. That is what got me into trouble with the religious authorities back in Malaysia. They accused me of insulting Islam. I was not insulting Islam. I was criticising Muslims and the way Muslims think.

Today I do not bother any more. It is not that I am scared of criticising Muslims. If I was not scared of criticising Muslims when I was back in Malaysia why should I be scared of criticising Muslims now that I am in the UK? Even the British government is criticising Muslims.

Yesterday, the British government announced that it is investigating 25 government-funded schools that are propagating extremist Islamic teachings. And the government said there are probably going to be more than 25 schools involved in the end. So do you think the British government is going to penalise me for criticising Muslims? Even the British government is pissed with the Muslims. They would probably give me a medal instead.

The thing is, it is not just the Muslims who are irrational in their thinking. Most, if not all, theists or religionists are the same. The only thing is Muslims speak out. They are very vocal about what they believe. Muslims like demonstrating and protesting and screaming while those from the other religions do not talk too much. They keep what they believe to themselves.

But this does not mean the others are not as bad as the Muslims in their extremist or irrational views. It just means they are not as honest and open as the Muslims are in expressing these views. They like to pretend that they are ‘liberal’ whereas in actual fact they are as silly in their views as the Muslims are. That is what is really happening here.

If Prince Charles were to announce that he is gay and introduces his gay partner to the world do you think he will be allowed to succeed the British throne? If the Prime Minister of England were to announce that he is an atheist and is in fact gay, do you think they would not ask him to resign his post? He might be ousted if he were to even become a Catholic, let alone an atheist. So don’t you go and believe that the Christians are as liberal as they pretend to be. They are not. They are as close-minded as any other theist or religionist.

Malaysians are screaming about what the government is doing to Anwar Ibrahim. And they blame Umno, the Malays, Islam, the Muslims, etc., for this. Why blame Umno, the Malays, Islam, the Muslims, and so on? This is a Christian law. This is what the Bible teaches us. Are you saying the Bible is wrong? Are you saying the Bible is not the word of God? Are you saying the Bible is a myth and fairy tale?

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is from Genesis. So why are you so unhappy about it? If you are unhappy about what has happened to Anwar then criticise the Bible. Criticise Christianity, unless you are of the opinion that whatever is written in the Bible is not true. And if the Bible is not true then Christianity is not true as well. In fact, most people believe the Bible to be irrational and contradictory. So, if you, too, believe this then you are not alone.

Unfortunately, Muslims do not read the Bible. So they are not aware that sodomy is a crime because the Bible says so. Muslims do not read the Bible because they think it is wrong for Muslims to read the Bible.

In fact, many Malays are not even happy that the Bible has been translated into Bahasa Malaysia. They are worried that if the Bible were to be translated into Bahasa Malaysia then there would be a danger that Malays might read the Bible. And they are also not happy that Allah is used in the Bahasa Malaysia translation of the Bible because they think this may ‘confuse’ Muslims.

Actually, most Malays are already confused as it is, whether the Bahasa Malaysia Bible does or does not use Allah. So it really makes no difference.

The Malays should read the Bible. I strongly recommend it. If I were the Education Minister I would introduce ‘Comparative Religion Studies’ as part of the Malaysian curriculum. Malaysians must know all religions — not Muslims just study Islam, Christians study Christianity, and so on. I would make sure that Muslims acquire knowledge of all religions, not only knowledge regarding Islam — and the same for the non-Muslims as well. Then maybe we will have a better understanding of each other’s religious beliefs.

Take the story of Sodom and Gomorrah from Genesis as one example. Malays know what the Qur’an has to say about this episode. But do they know what the Bible says? Not many do.

Genesis tells us that God wanted to test the people of Lot’s community so He sent two angels disguised as very ‘jambu’ men to that community (if you do not know what jambu means then go ask your Malay friends). And Lot took these two jambu as his guests for the night.

The men in Lot’s community then went berserk. They wanted Lot to surrender these two jambu to the wild crowd so that they can gang rape them. Lot refused and instead offered his two virgin daughters as replacements. They can gang rape his two virgin daughters if they leave the two angels disguised as jambu alone. But the crowd refused Lot’s two virgin daughters. They still wanted the two sexy men.

So God told Lot to take his family and leave that community because He was going to destroy the entire community. Lot and his family were told to leave and not look back. Unfortunately, Lot’s wife did not follow God’s wishes and looked back so she was turned into a pillar of salt.

Lot and his family were spared because they were all righteous people even though Lot had offered his two virgin daughters to be gang raped by the horde of sex-crazed people. Offering your two virgin daughters to be gang raped does not make you unrighteous.

After they had escaped, Lot’s two virgin daughters got him drunk and then had sex with him. Then they became pregnant. But God did not destroy them because they were righteous although they had sex with their own father and got pregnant. Only if you have gay sex will God destroy you.

That is what Christianity teaches us. So what the government did to Anwar is not as bad as what God did to the people of Lot’s community. So why are we complaining about what the government did to Anwar when God did worse? God did not punish Lot for offering his two virgin daughters to be gang raped. In fact, God said Lot was righteous. God did not punish Lot’s daughters for having sex with their own father. In fact, God said they were righteous. God only punished those who have gay sex.

So stop whacking Umno, the Malays, the Muslims, Islam, and whatnot. They are only continuing the Christian tradition. They are just upholding Christian law. And Anwar was not charged under Islamic or Sharia law but under the remnants of a Christian law that the British left us. And what most Malays do not realise is that much of Islamic law is Judeo-Christianity or Arab tribal laws. And Malays do not know this because they do not study Comparative Religion or read the Bible.


Council of Islamic Ideology declares women’s existence anti-Islamic

Khabaristan Today, 15 March 2014

Islamabad – Sharia Correspondent: The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) concluded their 192nd meeting on Thursday with the ruling that women are un-Islamic and that their mere existence contradicted Sharia and the will of Allah. As the meeting concluded CII Chairman Maulana Muhammad Khan Shirani noted that women by existing defied the laws of nature, and to protect Islam and the Sharia women should be forced to stop existing as soon as possible. The announcement comes a couple of days after CII’s 191st meeting where they dubbed laws related to minimum marriage age to be un-Islamic.

After declaring women to be un-Islamic, Shirani explained that there were actually two kinds of women – haraam and makrooh. “We can divide all women in the world into two distinct categories: those who are haraam and those who are makrooh. Now the difference between haraam and makrooh is that the former is categorically forbidden while the latter is really really disliked,” Shirani said.

He further went on to explain how the women around the world can ensure that they get promoted to being makrooh, from just being downright haraam. “Any woman that exercises her will is haraam, absolutely haraam, and is conspiring against Islam and the Ummah, whereas those women who are totally subservient can reach the status of being makrooh. Such is the generosity of our ideology and such is the endeavour of Muslim men like us who are the true torchbearers of gender equality,” the CII chairman added.

Officials told Khabaristan Today that the council members deliberated over various historic references related to women and concluded that each woman is a source of fitna and a perpetual enemy of Islam. They also decided that by restricting them to their subordinate, bordering on slave status, the momineen and the mujahideen can ensure that Islam continues to be the religion of peace, prosperity and gender equality.

Responding to a question one of the officials said that international standards of gender equality should not be used if they contradict Islam or the constitution of Pakistan that had incorporated Islam and had given sovereignty to Allah. “We don’t believe in western ideals, and nothing that contradicts Islam should ever be paid heed. In any case by giving women the higher status of being makrooh, it’s us Muslims who have paved the way for true, Sharia compliant feminism,” the official said.

The CII meeting also advised the government that to protect Islam women’s right to breathe should also be taken away from them. “Whether a woman is allowed to breathe or not be left up to her husband or male guardian, and no woman under any circumstance whatsoever should be allowed to decide whether she can breathe or not,” Shirani said.