DAP rep calls for review of Selangor’s free water policy


(TMI) – DAP state assemblyperson for Damansara Utama Yeo Bee Yin has urged the Selangor state government to review its free water policy, saying it was not efficient in managing water especially in the wake of the recent water crisis.

Yeo said the RM1 billion spent on maintaining the policy should instead be diverted to improving the water distribution system and addressing the problem of non-revenue water.

“I hope the state government will review the need to commit seven per cent of the annual state revenue to fund free water,” she was quoted by Astro Awani as saying, referring to the RM165 million to be spent by the state this year for providing free water.

She was speaking during the Selangor state assembly’s debate yesterday on the 2014 Supplementary Supply Bill.

“We should give priority to ensure water supply to the people before considering giving free water,” she added.