Mystery Thickens Over Missing Millions Meant For Schools


The company cited as the vehicle for SUPP leader Peter Chin’s pre-election plan to build 15 Sarawak schools has categorically denied any involvement in the project.

Sarawak Report

The KL based developer See Hoy Chan has told Sarawak Report that it had no knowledge of the RM559million proposal, which was rushed through and approved by the PM and Deputy PM’s offices in the weeks just before the election.

Details revealed in our original exposecited a list of 15 badly needed schools in Sarawak and Peter Chin recommended the consortium One BU Redha Services, comprising the Taib crony company Redha Services and One BU Sdn Bhd to build them.

A letter was sent to the Prime Minister’s office from One BU Redha Services Sdn Bhd claiming that their consortium was “part of the See Hoy Chan Holdings Group of Companies”.

'Part of the See Hoy Chan group of companies'

‘Part of the See Hoy Chan group of companies’

Indeed, One BU appears to signify One Bandar Utama, which seems to associate it with See Hoy Chan’s well known KL development, the Bandar Utama township. It is an association that seems strengthened by the fact that One BU Sdn Bhd shares the same registered address as the See Hoy Chan Group, 1 Persiaran Bandar Utama.

However, on contacting one of the directors of the major family firm last week, Dato Teo Chiang Liang, we discovered it was not the case.

He told Sarawak Report emphatically:

“My company did not have anything to do with it. It has nothing to do with the main company See Hoy Chan. I am not aware of this [project] or who the consortium members are. As far as I am concerned I am not aware of the existence of this company. If there is an individual interest, that is a personal interest – as far as the company is concerned it is not involved.”

This denial throws added concern about the due diligence exercised over a half billion ringgit project that the PM processed hurriedly through his own office on the urging of just one BN politician from Sarawak days before the election announcement.

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