Putrajaya seeks stiffer penalty against Karpal for sedition


(TMI) – Veteran lawyer Karpal Singh, who was fined RM4,000 for sedition last month, could now be jailed after prosecution filed a cross appeal, urging the court to impose a stiffer penalty.

Karpal was found guilty of sedition and fined by the Kuala Lumpur High Court on March 11.

However, he told The Malaysian Insider yesterday that he received a copy of the notice of appeal filed by the prosecution, urging the Court of Appeal to enhance the sentence.

“They want me in jail,” said Karpal, who stepped down as DAP chairman following the conviction and sentence last month.

“Well, they are entitled to file a cross appeal.”

Speaking to The Malaysian Insider yesterday, the 73-year-old wheelchair-bound lawyer said the Court of Appeal could impose the maximum RM5,000 fine or sentence him to jail which could be up to three years.

An accused convicted of sedition could be fined, ordered to prison, or both.

Karpal had earlier filed his appeal against both the conviction and sentence.

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