Malaysian Chinese, were you all loyal to this country?


Life of Annie

Honestly, I don’t really feel like writing this posting.

I have been spending the past four days mostly asleep as I am tired and mentally drained.

The MH370 tragedy has also taken its toll on me.

What makes me write the following was due to the realization that what I believe all these while about my fellow Malaysians were probably not true.

The attacks against Malaysia by the Chinese mainstream media and its social media practitioners over the MH370 tragedy have made me realize that there is a high degree of probability that the majority of Malaysian Chinese do not care much about this country.

Previously, I always believe that they do love this country despite all their complaints such as for not being as rich as Singaporeans, etc.

Now I am beginning to think I was wrong.

Well, if you have been monitoring the Chinese media the past weeks, you would realized that Malaysians, mostly of Chinese ethnicity who took part in forums on MH370 had in the majority joined their counterparts from China in bashing Malaysia and its government.

I tried to highlight some who put up a brave fight defending Malaysia, such as in these postings,

Message from a patriotic DAP supporter

Dear Chinese, regarding MH370 tragedy

But they were perhaps outnumbered by at least 20 to one.

These few brave Malaysian Chinese were mostly flamed out by their Malaysia-hating friends. They were totally bullied out by the Malaysia-haters who also include their fellow Malaysians.

For the Malaysian Malaysia-haters, it’s just not fashionable to defend this country. Instead, running down their own country was deemed cool, it seems.

They seemed to forget that if you love your country, you would not join forces with those attacking it, especially in a time of crisis.

I know, some of them will come here and claim that they do love the country but just don’t like the BN government and its handling of the MH370 crisis.

Well, to them I would say, whatever their excuses, if you are indeed loyal, you would not join forces with outsiders to thrash your own country.