Malaysian police did not mistreat me, says Chinese mother

Liu Guiqui

( – Liu Guiqui, the mother of a Chinese national who was on the missing MH370, has dismissed reports that she was badly treated by police at a press conference held on March 19 at Sama-Sama Hotel in Sepang.

“Thats not true, I was surrounded by reporters. There was a young policeman whom I initially thought was about to grab me. At first I didn’t understand what was going on but then someone told me not to panic.

“They reassured me that they were there to protect me,” Liu, the mother of Li Le, one of the MH370 passengers, told an interview with China Central Television (CCTV).

She decided to attend the press conference as she needed to ask Malaysian politicians what happened to Li who was missing for 12 days and did not understand why there was no news.

Liu said she came to Kuala Lumpur as she wanted to be the first person to greet her son Li when he returns.

She regarded Li, who has a daughter, as kind hearted, good, loyal and a respectful person.

Asked about talks that the Malaysian government did not disclose all information, Liu said she did not care about it as she only wanted Li and the other passengers on the aircraft to return.

She even thanked Malaysia and Malaysians for taking care of her daily and did not believe those who said that the government did not care about the families of the passengers.

“I don’t believe that is the case. I am sure they are under a lot of pressure. I understand that they are busy searching for the aircraft.

“So, it makes some sense, that they (the government) can’t pay as much attention to the families,” Liu said.

When asked what she would tell Li if he could hear her, Liu broke down and said, “Mum is waiting for you. Please come back soon. I trust that you will return safely.”

Liu also showed her appreciation and thanked all the countries who are trying to find all the passengers.

“I thank you so much for looking for our missing family members,” she said emotionally while kneeling down.